KARIMUN JAWA Island the Paradise Trip

Posted: December 13, 2007 in adventure, arkananta outdoors, company gathering, eco tourism, Jawa, karimun, paintball, RAFTING, snorkelling, sunset
KARIMUN JAWA Island the Paradise Trip

The Marine National Park Karimun Jawa is 110,000 ha and lies 90 km north east of Jepara in Central Java . The Karimun Jawa Islands comprise an archipelago of 27 small islets, of which Karimun Jawa is the largest. Only seven of the islands are inhabited. The vegetation consists mainly of mangrove and beach forest, although there is some lowland rain forest on Karimun Jawa. Most of the islands are surrounded by sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs. Fresh water is confined to a few small wells and forest streams on Karimun Jawa.
The average tidal range is 92 cm.

(H-0) Jakarta – Semarang
By AC Bus to Semarang, sleep on the way

(H-1) Semarang – Karimun
By fast ferry to Karimun Jawa and check in to Hostel.
Island Trip for Snorkeling, fishing & sunset hunting
Dinner party and ice breaking game

(H-2) Explore the Karimun Island
Island trip to Menjangan Kecil, Tanjung Gelam, krakal besar dan Pulau Menjangan Besar,
considering time and enjoyment.

(H-3) Back to Jepara – Semarang – Jakarta
After breakfast back to Jepara by ferry and to Semarang and Jakarta by AC Bus


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